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  • The Welfare of Animals Used in Research: Practice and Ethics

The Welfare of Animals Used in Research: Practice and Ethics

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Tags: Laboratory animal, Ethical considerations, Animal welfare, The Three Rs principles.

The Welfare of Animals used in Research: Practice and Ethics gives a complete and balanced overview of the issues surrounding the use of animals in scientific research. The focus of the book is on the animal welfare implications and ethics of animals in research. It covers the topics with sufficient depth to show a real understanding of varied and complex subjects, but conveys the information in a beautifully reader-friendly manner. It details the advances in animal welfare and the use and development of the 3Rs principles, and how these have become fundamental to the everyday use and regulation of animals used in research. The focus is on principles making it suitable for an international audience. 285 p.


Authors expertises affiliations

  • Robert Hubrecht, OBE, BSc, PhD, FSB, Deputy Scientific Director of the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare (UFAW), Zoologist specialised in ethology and applied ethology, Behaviour and Physiology of animals both in the wild and in the laboratory.

  • Publication date (electronic format): 2014-02.

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