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The Buffalo (Bubalus Bubalis): Production and Research handbook aims at focusing on the husbandry of the common water buffalo, (Bubalis bubalis). It covers a broad range of topics such as the buffalo’s genetic evolution, cytogenetics, subspecies, breed diversification, feeding and metabolic specificity, adaptable response to environmental stress factors, welfare, dairy requirements and production, reproduction and embryo technologies, cryopreservation, sperm cell sexing, somatic cell cloning and transgenesis.  498 p.


Authors expertises affiliations

  • Giorgio A. Presicce, Editor. PhD and post-doctoral experience in farm animal reproductive physiology, embryo biotechnologies, Ovum pick up, Parthenogenetics Development and Cloning; Cornell University, Department of Animal Science, Ithaca, NY (USA); and a former Visiting Assistant Professor at the same Department of Animal Science. He is Senior Researcher at PPL Therapeutics in Blacksburg, VA (USA), in charge of reproductive technologies of the transgenic cattle herd. He has also several consultancies with Universities and worldwide Institutes.

  • Publication date (digital version): 2017-04 - Bentham Science Publishers.

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