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  • Ecological and Environmental Physiology of Mammals

Ecological and Environmental Physiology of Mammals

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Tags: Mammals physiology, Adaptation to extreme environments, Evolutionary biology.

Ecological and Environmental Physiology of Mammals explores the physiological mechanisms and evolutionary necessities that have made the spectacular adaptation of mammals possible. It summarises our current knowledge of the complex and sophisticated physiological approaches that mammals have for survival in a wide variety of ecological and environmental contexts: terrestrial, aerial, and aquatic. The authors have a strong comparative and quantitative focus in their broad approach to exploring mammal ecophysiology. As with other books in the Ecological and Environmental Physiology Series, the emphasis is on the unique physiological characteristics of mammals, their adaptations to extreme environments, and current experimental techniques and future research directions are also considered. 607 p.


Basic Biology
Animal Ecology

Authors expertises affiliations

  • Philip C. Withers. School of Animal Biology, University of Western Australia, Crawley 6009 (Australia).
  • Christine E. Cooper. Department of Environment and Agriculture, Curtin University, Bentley, Western Australia 6102 (Australia).
  • Shane K. Maloney. School of Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology, University of Western Australia, Crawley 6009 (Australia). Et al...

  • Publication date (electronic format): 2016-11.

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