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  • One Health: The Theory and Practice of Integrated Health Approaches

One Health: The Theory and Practice of Integrated Health Approaches

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Tags: One Health, Public health, Emerging diseases, Zoonoses, Animal-human transmission, Prevention and control.

One Health has contributions from international authors in the fields of veterinary and animal science, epidemiology, environmental science, tropical medicine and public health, synergizing the central elements of current One Health research and practice in one broad-ranging volume.This book includes extensive information about zoonotic diseases with discussions of diseases of wildlife, farm animals, domestic pets and humans. Also covered are real-world considerations—sanitation, economics, food security and evaluating the success of vaccination programs. One Health also discusses approaches to putting OH policy into practice and positive aspects of OH including the human-animal bond. 552 p.


Part A - Theoretical Foundations Integrated control of African Trypanosomiasis
History of integrative thinking in medicine Non-communicable disease
Theoretical and Philosophical Foundations Integrated health services and systems
Manhattan principles/conservation perspective Wildlife conservation beyond fences
Part B - Methods for the Assessment of the Animal-human Linkages Education and animal-human interactions
Measuring added valued from integrated methods Putting "One health" into Action: Policy and practice
The role of social sciences in "One health" Canada, Worldbank, Fiji, Queensland, Switzerland
The various levels of animal-human linkage "One health" academic capacity building in South East Asia
Integrated risk assessment - Food safety Enabling Academic One Health Environments
Integrated human and animal sanitation and nutrient recycling One health and research partnership
One health study designs One health and public engagement
Animal-human interface models Operationalizing "One health" for local governance
Cross-sector economics Role of NGO's in "One health"
Integrated human and animal demographic surveillance A concept of physical, mental, social and spiritual health
Part C - Case Studies from Research to Policy and Practice  One Health, Eco-health and Post normal science
Brucellosis surveillance and control : A case for "One health" One Health: summarizing the picture towards the future
Bovine Tuberculosis in Africa : The wildlife-livestock-human interface  

Human & animal health/Public health

Authors expertises affiliations

  • Jakob Zinsstag, ed. University of Basel, Basel (Switzerland), Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute.
  • Esther Schelling, ed. University of Basel, Basel (Switzerland), Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute.
  • David Waltner-Toews, ed. University of Guelph (Canada). Et al...

  • Publication date (print & electronic format): 2015-03.

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