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  • Veterinary Anaesthesia, 11th Edition, 2013, 685 p. / K.W. Clarke, C.M. Trim, L.W. Hall

  • Veterinary Anesthetic and Monitoring Equipment, 2018, 549 p. / Kristen G. Cooley & Rebecca A. Johnson,Editors





  • Genomics in Aquaculture, 2016, 291 p. / Simon MacKenzie &  Sissel Jentoft, Editors

  • Induced Fish Breeding: A Practical Guide for Hatcheries, 2016, 351 p. / Nihar Ranjan Chatto Padhyay





  • Sturkie's Avian Physiology, 6th Edition, 2014, 1054 p. / Colin Scanes, Editor





  • Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals, 2nd Edition, 2013, 684 p. / R. Michael Akers,D. Michael Denbow

  • Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals, 7th ed. 2009, 528 p. / Rowen D. Frandson, W. Lee Wilke, Anna Dee Falls
  • Anatomy of Dolphins: Insights into Body Structure and Function, 2016, 443 p. / Bruno Cozzi, Stefan Huggenberger, Helmut Oeslschläger

  • Basic Neurochemistry: Principles of Molecular, Cellular, and Medical Neurobiology, 8th Edition, 2011, 1120 p. / Scott T. Brady, George J. Siegel, R. Wayne Albers, Editors, et al...

  • Clinical Veterinary Microbiology, 2nd Edition, 2013 / Bryan K. Markey, Finola C. Leonard, Marie Archambault

  • Encyclopedia of Immunobiology, 2016, 3154 p. / Michael J.H. Ratcliffe, Editor-in-Chief
  • Fundamentals of Toxicologic Pathology, 2nd Edition, 2009, 685 p. / Wanda M. Haschek, Matthew A. Wallig, Colin Rousseaux

  • Herpetology: An Introductory Biology of Amphibians and Reptiles, 4th Edition, 2013, 766 p. / Laurie J. Witt,   Janalee P. Caldwell

  • Miller's Anatomy of the Dog, 4th Edition, 2013, 870 p. / Howard E. Evans, Alexander de Lahunta





  • Equine Surgery, 4th Edition, 2011 / Jorg. A. Auer, John A. Stick

  • Joint Disease in the Horse, 2nd Edition, 2015 / C. Wayne Mcllwraith, David D. Frisbie, Christopher E. Kawcak et al...

  • Equine Dermatology, 2nd Edition, 2010 / Danny W. Scott, William H. Miller

  • Equine Anesthesia: Monitoring and Emergency Therapy, 2nd Edition, 2010 / William W. Muir, John A. E. Hubbell





  • Veterinary Ophtalmic Surgery, 2012, 401 p. / Kirk. N. Gelatt, Janice Peterson Gelatt

  • Veterinary Ocular Pathology: A Comparative Review, 2010, 453 p. / Richard L. Dubielzig, Kerry Ketring, Gillian J. McLellan





  • Rebuhn's Diseases of Dairy Cattle, 2nd Edition, 2008 / Thomas J. Divers, Simon Peek





  • Saunders Solutions in Veterinary Practice: Small Animal Oncology, 2010 / Rob D. Foal, Jackie Demetriou

  • Saunders Solutions in Veterinary Practice: Small Animal Exotic Pet Medicine, 2010 / Lesa Longley

  • Saunders Solutions in Veterinary Practice: Small Animal Gastroenterology, 2011 / Marjorie Chandler

  • Saunders Solutions in Veterinary Practice: Small Animal Dermatology, 2008 / Anita Patel, Peter J. Forsythe

  • Atlas of Normal Radiographic Anatomy and Anatomic Variants in the Dog and Cat, 2nd Edition, 2015, 317 p. / Donald E. Thrall, Ian D. Robertson 

  • Advances in Veterinary Dermatology, Volume 7: Proceedings, 2013, 334 p. / Sheila M. F. Torres, Editor, et al...
  • Advances in Veterinary Dermatology, Volume 8: Proceedings, 2017, 248 p. / Sheila M.F. Torres, Philip Roudebush, Editors

  • Exotic Animal Medicine: A Quick Reference Guide, 2nd Edition, 2015 / Lance Jepson

  • Behavior Problems of the Dog and Cat, 3rd Edition, 2012 / Gary Landsberg, Waune Hunthausen, Lowell Ackerman

  • Ferrets, Rabbits, & Rodents: Clinical Medicine & Surgery, 3rd Edition, 2012, 600 p. / Katherine E. Quesenberry et al...

  • Genetics and the Behavior of Domestic Animals, 2nd Edition, 2013, 488 p. / Temple Grandin & Mark J. Deesing, Editors

  • Guide to the Dissection of the Dog, 7th Edition, 2010, 319 p. / Howard E. Evans, Alexander de Lahunta
  • Guide to the Dissection of the Dog, 8th Edition, 2016, 340 p. / Howard E. Evans, Alexander de Lahunta

  • Medical History and Physical Examination in Companion Animals, 2nd Edition, 2009, 337 p. / A. Rijnberk, F.J. van Sluijs

  • Muller and Kirk's Small Animal Dermatology, 7th Edition, 2012, 948 p. / William H. Miller, Graig E. Griffin, Karen L.Campbel

  • Small Animal Diagnostic Ultrasound, 2014 / John. S. Matton et al...

  • Veterinary Dentistry: A Team Approach, 2nd Edition, 2012, 448 p. / Steven E. Holmstrom





  • Applied Pharmacology for Veterinary Technicians, 5th Edition, 2014 / Boyce Wanamaker, Kathy Massey

  • Large Animal Clinical Procedures for Veterinary Technicians, 2nd Edition, 586 p. / Kristin Holtgrew-Bohling

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