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  • Fascial Anatomy of the Equine Forelimb

Fascial Anatomy of the Equine Forelimb

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Tags: Horse, Forelimb, Anatomy and function, Fetlock joint, Fascia, Abnormalities, Postural stability, Hoof

The first of its kind in equine anatomy, this clear, concise anatomical guide illustrates the fascial (soft connective tissue) connections of the equine forelimb. Based on dissections of fresh equine cadaver limbs, it provides a visual map for equine physical therapists, veterinarians and horse riders, helping them to understand how pathologies, injuries, or movement abnormalities of the equine forelimb arise and/or progress from one area of the limb to another. 186 p.




Authors expertises affiliations

  • Carla M. Lusi, BSc, PhD focused on mapping out the fascial connectivity in the equine forelimb. 
  • Helen M. S. Davies, BAgSci, MAgrSc, BVSc, PhD, Associate Professor in Veterinary Anatomy University of Melbourne (Australia).

  • Publisher---
  • Publication date (print): 2018-06
  • ISBN (print): 978-0-8153-8738-1
  • ISBN (ebook PDF): 978-1-3511-7291-2

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