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This edition to the Equine Made Series provides detailed, easy to read guidelines for performance of common endoscopic procedures in the horse. It includes step-by-step guidelines endoscopy of the upper airway,gastrointestinal, urinary and reproductive systems. A detailed section covering arthroscopy, including the temperomandicular joint, is especially useful to the equine practitioner. Normal anatomy is presented for orientation along with full coverage of abnormal conditions and their assessment. 292 p.

Series: Made Easy

Section 1 Endoscopy Equipment

Section 8 Endoscopy / Esophagus

Section 2 Endoscopy / Nasal Passages

Section 9 Endoscopy / Stomach

Section 3 Endoscopy / Paranasal Sinuses

Section 10 Endoscopy / Duodenum

Section 4 Endoscopy / Guttural Pouch

Section 11 Endoscopy of the Urethra / Bladder

Section 5 Endoscopy / Nasopharynx

Section 12 Endoscopy / Reproductive Tract Stallion

Section 6 Endoscopy / Larynx

Section 13 Endoscopy / Reproductive Tract Mare

Section 7 Endoscopy /Trachea & Bronchi

Section 14 Arthroscopy

Authors expertises affiliations

  • Sameeh M. Abutarbush, BVSc, MVetSc, Diplomate ABVP, Diplomate ACVIM.
  • James L. Carmalt, MA, VetMB, MVetSc, MRCVS, Diplomate ABVP, Diplomate ACVS.
  • Claire Card, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACT, Contributor.
  • Publisher: Teton NewMedia
  • Publication date (print):  2008-06

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