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  • Animal Models of Drug Addiction

Animal Models of Drug Addiction

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Tags: Animal models, Addiction research, Neuroscience

Our understanding of addiction and how it is treated has advanced remarkably over the past decades, and much of the progress is related directly to animal research. This is true for both the behavioural aspects of drug use as well as the biological underpinnings of the disorder. In Animal Models of Drug Addiction, experts in the field provide an up-to-date review of complex behavioural paradigms that model different stages of this disorder and explain how each test is used to effectively replicate the progression of drug addiction. 

Series : Neuromethods [vol.] 53




Authors expertises affiliations

  • Mary C. Olmstead, ed. Queen's University, Kingston, ON (Canada). Department of Psychology, Centre for Neuroscience Studies.

    Publisher: Humana Press
    Publication date (print): 2010-12
    ISBN (print):

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