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  • Companion Animal Ethics

Companion Animal Ethics

  • 45.00€

Tags: Companion animal, Ethical aspects

Companion Animal Ethics explores the important ethical questions and problems that arise as a result of humans keeping animals as companions. This is the first comprehensive book dedicated to ethical and welfare concerns surrounding companion animals. Scholarly but still written in an accessible and engaging style. It also explores problems associated with animals sharing human lifestyles and homes, such as obesity, behavior issues, selective breeding, over-treatment, abandonment, euthanasia and environmental impacts and offers insights into practical ways of improving ethical standards relating to animal companions. 286 p.

Series : UFAW Animal Welfare Series




Authors expertises affiliations

  • Peter Sandøe, Professor of Bioethics. University of Copenhagen (Denmark).
  • Sandra Corr, Reader in Veterinary Surgery. University of Nottingham (UK).
  • Clare Palmer, Professor of Philosophy. Texas A&M University (USA).

  • Publisher---
  • Publication date (print): 2015-10
  • ISBN (print): 978-1-118-37669-0

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