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Maintaining its user-friendly approach, this new edition of a bestseller summarizes information necessary for the effective and efficient operation of an IACUC. Chapters cover training programs with a discussion regarding professional certifications for IACUC administrative and animal care staff. They provide pointers to Principal Investigators, discuss interactions between IACUCs and other compliance panels, and address occupational health and safety programs and the role they play in the overall animal care and use program. The book presents different points of view from academia, industry, an IACUC chair, and a non-affiliated member. 373 p.


Foreword 9. The Relationship between the IACUC and Principal Investigators
Acknowledgments 10. Interactions with Other Institutional Panels
Editors 11. The IACUC and Laboratory Animal Resources
Contributors 12. International IACUCs and Outside Collaborations
1. Introduction to the IACUC : Its Purpose and Function 13. IACUCs from an Academic Perspective
2. Role of the IACUC, Bioethics and Scientific Review, Essential Environment for IACUC Success 14. IACUC Issues in Industry
3. Institutional Policies, Guidelines, and Procedures 15. Perspectives of an IACUC Chair
4. Protocol Processing : From Submission to Approval 16. Perspectives of a Nonaffiliated/Outside Member
5. Elements of the Protocol Form : How to Complete and Review 17. Managing a Proactive Progressive Animal Care and Use Program
6. Semiannual Program Evaluation, Facility Inspections, and Postapproval Monitoring  18. Acronyms and Abbreviations
7. IACUC Oversight of Training and Qualification in Animal Care and Use APPENDICES
8. Navigating the Search for Alternatives  

Authors expertises affiliations

  • Whitney Kayla Petrie, ed. Ph.D., R.L.A.T.G., C.P.I.A. University of California, Davis, CA (USA).
  • Sonja Lea Wallace, ed. B.A., R.V.T., R.L.A.T.G., C.P.I.A. Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA (USA).

    Publisher: CRC Press
    Publication date: 2015-04
    ISBN (print): 978-1-4822-0110-9
    ISBN (eBook): 978-1-4822-0113-0

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