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  • A Dissection Guide and Atlas to the Fetal Pig, 3rd Edition

A Dissection Guide and Atlas to the Fetal Pig, 3rd Edition

  • 22.00€

Tags: Fetal pig, Anatomy, Mammal morphology, Basic dissection techniques, Body planes, Body systems

This full-color dissection guide is intended for students taking mammalian anatomy, comparative anatomy, general biology, or anatomy and physiology courses. The text incorporates high-quality photographs and clear discussions of dissection techniques to introduce students to the morphology of a mammal whose anatomy parallels that of the human. 141 p.


Authors expertises affiliations

  • David G. Smith, B.S. in biological sciences, M.S. in zoology, Director of Biology Laboratories, Writer. University of Richmond, Richmond, VA (USA).
  • Michael P. Schenk, BSMI, MSMI, Certified medical illustrator, Director of biomedical illustration services. University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, MS (USA).

    Publisher: Morton Publishing
    Publication date (print): 2011-01
    ISBN (print): 978-0-89582-879-8

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