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  • Slatter's Fundamentals of Veterinary Ophthalmology, 4th Edition

Slatter's Fundamentals of Veterinary Ophthalmology, 4th Edition

  • 29.00€

Tags: Small and large animals, Exotic species, Eye anatomy and physiology, Eye diseases, Diagnosis and treatment

Recognize, diagnose, and manage a vast range of common and important ocular conditions with the latest edition of this trusted reference. Extensively revised and updated by a team of internationally respected contributors, this edition provides a comprehensive, yet practically oriented, diagnostic guide to ophthalmic disease, covering structure and function, ocular development, pathology, examination and diagnosis, pharmacology, and emergency management for a wide variety of small and large animal species. 482 p.

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Authors expertises affiliations

  • David Maggs, ed. BVSc(Hons), DAVCO. University of California-Davis, Davis, CA (USA).
  • Paul Miller, ed. DVM, DACV. University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI (USA), School of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Surgical Sciences.
  • Ron Ofri, ed. DVM, PhD, DECVO, Senior Lecturer, Veterinary Ophthalmology. Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Rehovot (Israel),  Koret School of Veterinary Medicine.

    Publication date (print): 2007-10
    ISBN (print): 978-0-7216-0561-6  
    ISBN (eBook): 978-1-4160-6479-4

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