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This atlas, with about 400 illustrations, is the definitive guide to reproductive problems facing veterinarians in day-to-day practice. The book covers all important domestic large and small animals, e.g. horse, cow, sheep, goat, pig, dog and cat. For each animal included in the book the correct technique for ultrasonography is explained, followed by a look at the ovarian structure. The book shows the development of the foetus and the stages of normal pregnancy in each animal and covers abnormal pregnancy. Also included are gynaecological conditions such as ovarian cysts and endometriosis. 225 p.

Series: Vet (Schlütersche)




Authors expertises affiliations

  • Wolfgang Kähn, Habil. Professor. University of Zürich (Switzerland), Veterinary Faculty, Clinic of Reproductive Medicine.
  • Robert M. Kenney, DVM, PhD, Professor, English translation and revision. University of Pennsylvania (USA), School of Veterinary Medicine. 
  • Dietrich Volkmann, BVSc, MMed Vet (Gyn), Associate Professor. Cornell University (USA), College of Veterinary Medicine.

  • Publisher: Schlütersche
  • Publication date (print): 2004-12
  • ISBN (print): 978-3-89993-005-4

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