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  • Ethnoveterinary Botanical Medicine: Herbal Medicines for Animal Health

Ethnoveterinary Botanical Medicine: Herbal Medicines for Animal Health

  • 40.00€

Tags: Alternative veterinary medicine, Ethnopharmacology, Ethnoveterinary research, Veterinary herbal medicine, Worldwide practice

Despite the undoubted success of a scientific approach to pharmaceuticals, the last few decades have witnessed a spectacular rise in interest in herbal medicinal products. This general interest has been followed by increasing scientific and commercial attention that led to the coining of the term ethnopharmacology to describe the scientific discipline investigating the use of these products. Presenting detailed information from all regions of the world, Ethnoveterinary Botanical Medicine provides techniques to evaluate the efficacy of plants used in animal health care and addresses the challenges faced by researchers and practitioners in the field. This book features a multidisciplinary approach to examining the role of herbal medicines in companion and domestic animals and the scientific underpinnings of ethnoveterinary practice. 413 p.


Authors expertises affiliations

  • David R. Katerere, ed.
  • Dibungi Luseba, ed.

  • Publication date (print & electronic format): 2010-06.

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