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This book delivers a practical guide to all aspects of veterinary arthroscopy for small mammals. The book covers the anatomy, techniques, joint pathology, and operative procedures of arthroscopy. It includes a foundational introduction to basic tenets for veterinarians just beginning to use arthroscopy in their work as well as reference images for joint pathology useful to experienced practitioners. Nearly 1000 images are included, illustrating one or more aspects of specific arthroscopic findings. This book draws on the author's 35 years of clinical arthroscopic experience and offers a thorough examination of small animal arthroscopy. The book serves as a powerful demonstration of the centrality, practicality, utility, and necessity of arthroscopic veterinary procedures. 326 p.


Authors expertises affiliations

  • Timothy C. McCarthy, Editor. DVM, PhD, Dipl. Emeritus ACVS, ACVS Founding Fellow, Minimally Invasive Surgery (Small Animal Orthopedics and Small Animal Soft Tissue),  Educator at Veterinary Minimally Invasive Surgery Training (Vet MIST) in Beaverton, OR (USA).

  • Publication date (print): 2021-06; 2021-03 (electronic format).

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