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  • Comportement, conduite et bien-être animal

Comportement, conduite et bien-être animal

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Tags: Farm animal management, Behavior and welfare, Breeders in developing countries, Production systems.

In tropical and subtropical regions, the conditions in which domestic animals are raised span the entire spectrum from the tight confinement of intensive breeding to the virtual freedom of extensive systems. In Comportement, conduite et bien-être animal, the authors demonstrate that whatever the situation, knowing and understanding the behavior of animals allows them to maximize both their well-being and their productivity. This knowledge is particularly valuable when the breeder intends to introduce, within a traditional system, new management techniques or genetically improved animals. 186 p.

Series: Agricultures tropicales en poche

Text in French.

Authors expertises affiliations

  • Xavier Manteca i Vilanova. Enseignant-chercheur au sein du groupe "Nutrition, conduite et bien-être animal". Université Autonome de Barcelone, Espagne.
  • Anthony J. Smith. Professeur au Centre for Tropical Veterinary Medicine. Université d'Edimbourg, Royaume-Uni.

  • Publication date: (digital version): 2015-12 - Éditions Quae.

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