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  • Institutional Membership 1 Year

Institutional Membership 1 Year

  • 300.00€

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If you depend on a small / large community [University, Faculty, School, Lab, Department, Vet Clinic or other entity], the institutional subscription is the right one, regardless of the number of peers and employees.

By choosing this option, you will access all the resources of the site for FREE for 1 year.

Only one person must take the subscription on behalf the community:



  • The manager subscription will be immediately operational
  • All the documents will appear FREE when you log in your vet-library account.
  • To download a free document, you must follow the same process as for a paid document, except that your checkout will always appear with the value 0€.
  • It is highly recommended to save your downloads to a storage space outside of vet-library.com.Your orders are permanently filed in numerical order, as reminders, but the associated PDFs are regularly updated on our database, with the arrival of more recent editions (for a same title), which automatically leads to the deletion of old titles in the readers' accounts.

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