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Color Atlas of Diseases & Disorders of the Foal is intended for any veterinarian who treats foals, either occasionally or on a routine basis, and serves as an invaluable source of practical clinical information. The illustrations cover all aspects of clinical presentation, diagnosis, treatments, and outcomes and provide a clear picture of what veterinarians should be looking for, perfect for timely intervention and more successful outcomes. 413 p.


Authors expertises affiliations

  • Sioban McAuliffe, Editor. Veterinary Division Head, Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine, Board Qualified for Diplomate status with American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. Stables of King Abdullah, Riyadh (Saudi Arabia).
  • Nathan Slovis, Editor. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Hagyard-Davidson-McGee Associates, Lexington, KY (USA).

  • Publication date (reimpression for digital version): 2015-08.

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