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  • Olfaction in Animal Behaviour and Welfare

Olfaction in Animal Behaviour and Welfare

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Tags: Animal behavior and welfare, Olfaction related animal behaviour, Neuroscience, Basic biology.

Evidence-based, yet entirely practical, Olfaction in Animal Behaviour and Welfare builds upon the basics of neuroscience to describe the links between olfaction and animal behaviour, and the effects of odours in animal welfare. Animals use smells in a multitude of ways: to orientate themselves, to create social bonds, to recognise food, to initiate reproduction, and to avoid predators and imminent threats such as fire. Starting from the scientific basis of olfaction and odour perception, the book covers pheromones and behavioural tests, before describing the role of olfaction in feeding behaviour, reproduction, disease detection, and animal housing. 234 p.


Authors expertises affiliations

  • Birte Lindstrøm Nielsen, Editor. Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (France). 

  • Publication date (print & electronic format): 2017-06.

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