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  • Veterinary Forensics: Investigation, Evidence Collection, and Expert Testimony

Veterinary Forensics: Investigation, Evidence Collection, and Expert Testimony

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Tags: Veterinary forensic sciences, Animal abuse, Animal cruelty, Crime investigations, Dogs and cats, Large animals, Witnesses collection, Necropsy report, Law.

Veterinary Forensics: Investigation, Evidence Collection, and Expert Testimony begins with a discussion of animal abuse and crimes against animals, crime scene investigation, and, from there, discusses various types of forensic examinations of the animal, culminating in a review of the judicial system and testimony in a court of law. All contributing authors are practicing professionals in law, veterinary medicine, and the private sector who provide current, best-practice evidence collection and forensic techniques. Chapters provide in-depth detail about the forensic clinical examination and forensic necropsy of small and large animal species, forensic radiology, forensic toxicology, bitemark analysis and animal behavior. 433 p.



Veterinary Forensic Medicine


Authors expertises affiliations

  • Ernest R. Rogers, ed. DVM, PhD, Certified Medical Investigator Senior Level V (ACFEI), Dipl. American Board of Forensic Medicine, Expert consultant, Former expert at the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Humane Police), in addition to his other work in the field, currently owner of a Forensic Investigation Company, Animal Forensic Investigations LLC, Bedminster, NJ (USA).
  • Adam W. Stern, ed. DVM, Dipl. American College of Veterinary Pathology, Clinical Associate Professor, Certified forensics consultant and certified medical investigator through the American College of Forensic Examiner Institute. Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, University of Illinois. Urbana-Champaign, IL (USA). 

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  • Publication date (print & electronic format): 2018-03. 

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