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This subscription gives you access to free e-book downloads for one year.

  • Your subscription is immediately operational on your account. When you connect with your login details, all ebooks will appear with the value 0€. To download a free document, follow the same process as for a paid document.
  • Don't miss to save your downloads on an external media at the same time: Your orders are permanently filed as reminders, but the associated PDFs are likely to be updated, with the arrival of recent editions (for a same title), which leads to the deletion of old titles in our database and on the readers' accounts.
  • You can benefit from documentary services during your subscription time: send us your preferences and / or your request for ebooks titles  This approach allows you to receive directly in your mailbox ebooks corresponding to your profile.

    IMPORTANT: Due to high transaction fees, we had to remove Paypal from payment methods. We encourage you to use our other secure payment methods: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Bank Transfer (Check "Bank transfer", complete your transaction. Register Vet-library.com as new payee on your online account with IBAN/BIC, transfer the amount. Your ebook will be immediately available on your account, unlike standard information on our system). Thank you for your understanding.

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