Veterinary Reproduction and Obstetrics, 10th Edition

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As the standard theriogenology text for veterinary students, Veterinary Reproduction and Obstetrics is also a great reference to keep post-graduation. The 10th edition of this book has been thoroughly updated to include normal reproduction and reproductive disorders, as well as diseases in the common and less common domestic species (dogs, cats, pigs, and horses as well as llamas, alpacas, and camels). 848 p. 




Authors expertises affiliations

  • David E. Noakes, Editor. BVet Med, PhD, DSc(Med), DSc(hc) DVRep, DipECAR, FRCVS. 70, Whitney Drive, Stevenage, Herts (United Kingdom).
  • Timothy J. Parkinson, Editor. BVSc, DBR, DipECAR, MEd, PhD, FRCVS. School of Veterinary Sciences, Massey University, Palmerston North (New Zealand).
  • Gary C. W. England, Editor. BVetMed, PhD, DVetMed, DVR, DVRep, DipECAR, DipACT, PFHEA, FRCVS. School of Veterinary Medicine & Science, University of Nottingham, Sutton Bonington Campus, Loughborough (United Kingdom).

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  • Publication date (print): 2018-11
  • ISBN (print): 978-0-7020-7233-8
  • ISBN (ebook): 978-0-7020-7238-3

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Tags: Domestic animals, Uncommon domestic animals, Exotic pets, Normal reproduction, Reproductive disorders, Reproductive diseases, Gestation and pathology, Fertility concerns, Assisted reproduction

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