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Communicating ideas in veterinary medicine is a fundamental part of continuing veterinary research and building a career as a clinician. The purpose of Writing Skills for Veterinarians is to help increasing efficiency and effectiveness in writing professional documents, e.g. writing a concise yet thorough discharge statement to avoid repeated client call-backs to clarify medical recommendations. The book also aims at improving the reader’s confidence in writing skills through guided and well-thought out “homework” or practice exercises. Useful for both veterinary students and practising vets, Writing Skills for Veterinarians addresses how to develop and hone veterinary medical and scientific writing techniques. 277 p.

Authors expertises affiliations

  • Ryane E. Anglar. DVM, DABVP (Canine and Feline Practice), Assistant Professor and Clinical Education Coordinator. Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine, Manhattan, KS (USA).
  • Publisher: 5m Publishing
  • Publication date (print): 2019-02
  • ISBN (print): 978-1-789180-35-0

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