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  • The New Vet's Handbook: Information and Advice for Veterinary Graduates

The New Vet's Handbook: Information and Advice for Veterinary Graduates

  • 30.00€

Tags: Veterinary profession, Work in practice, Management, Communication, Professional responsibilities

Entering the veterinary profession after leaving vet school is a challenging stage of the new vet's career. Finding the right first placement, fitting in with colleagues, adapting to the practice environment and understanding what's expected of you clinically, professionally, ethically and academically are all challenges that face the new graduate. Attrition rates and reports of dissatisfaction of new graduates are high and a matter of concern to the profession and it is recognised that extra support and guidance is needed. The New Vet's Handbook acts as a guidebook for newly qualified vets on personal and professional issues, covering employment options, interviews, mentoring, working with clients, patients and colleagues, consulting advice, dealing with euthanasia, record keeping, veterinary standards, training and CPD, career options, professional skills and avoiding pitfalls relating to social media, drugs and ethical issues. 320 p.

Authors expertises affiliations

  • Clare Tapsfield-Wright.
  • Publisher: 5m Publishing
  • Publication date (print): 2017-06
  • ISBN (print): 978-1-912178-36-0

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