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  • Voracious Science and Vulnerable Animals: A Primate Scientist's Ethical Journey

Voracious Science and Vulnerable Animals: A Primate Scientist's Ethical Journey

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Tags: Primate use in biomedical research, Ethical issues, Researcher testimony.

The National Institute of Health recently announced its plan to retire the fifty remaining chimpanzees held in national research facilities and place them in sanctuaries. For decades, proponents of primates use in biomedical research have argued that the discoveries and benefits for humans far outweigh the costs of the traumatic effects on the animals. Today, even the researchers themselves have come to question the practice. John P. Gluck has been one of the scientists at the forefront of the movement to end research on primates. In Voracious Science and Vulnerable Animals he tells a vivid, heart-rending, personal story of how he became a vocal activist for animal protection. 349 p.


Authors expertises affiliations

  • John P. Gluck. Professor emeritus of psychology; senior advisor to the president on animal research ethics and welfare at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM (USA);  research professor of the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University, Washington, DC (USA).

  • Publication date (digital version): 2016-10 - The University of Chicago Press.

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