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Learning from Disease in Pets: A ‘One Health’ Model for Discovery is the first encompassing reference guide for veterinarians, researchers and physicians on conducting studies using spontaneous models of disease in animals. The study of naturally occurring disease in (pet) animals can help model our understanding of the biology, prevention and therapy of human and animal diseases. Studies of pet dogs, for instance, can aid treatment of complex medical problems such as cancer, orthopedic, cardiopulmonary, and neuro-inflammatory diseases, and zoonotic infections. Each chapter within this novel cross-species approach is contributed by a leader, or leaders, in their field of research. Using clinical trials to learn how pets with real diseases respond to therapy can lead to breakthroughs in human medicine, as well as benefiting pets suffering from otherwise debilitating illness. 306 p.

Series: CRC One Health One Welfare


Authors expertises affiliations

  • Rebecca A. Krimins, Editor. Assistant Professor, with additional appointments in the Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine; and the Department of Molecular and Comparative Pathobiology. Johns Hopkins Medicine Department of Radiology and Radiological Science, Baltimore, MD (USA).


  • Publisher: CRC Press
  • Publication date (print): 2020-11
  • ISBN (print): 978-0-367-17310-4
  • ISBN (ebook PDF): 978-0-429-05617-8

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