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Venom research and technology has advanced greatly, rapidly transforming the area of reptile venom. Research developments-like the development of molecular systematics-provide the framework necessary to reconstruct the evolutionary history of glands and fangs. Such research developments result in a fundamental shift in scientists' understanding of venom's evolution and usefulness in therapeutic development. Startling evolutionary expansion, including the development of new protein functions, enable the development of novel drug therapies and impact the effectiveness of anti-venoms available for the treatment. Venomous Reptiles And Their Toxins is a comprehensive study of the entire scope of reptile venom, from its evolution to drug design and development. This book devotes a chapter to each toxin class found in reptile venom, detailing the full trajectory of research on the toxin in question. The comprehensive synthesis of research deals with the impact that venom has had on biomedical applications and snake evolution and ecology. 608 p.


Authors expertises affiliations

  • Bryan G. Fry, Editor. Associate professor of biology and group leader of the Venomics Laboratory at the University of Queensland (Australia).

  • Publication date (print & electronic format): 2015-06.

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