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As the first book dedicated to antelope conservation, this volume sets out to diagnose the causes of the drastic declines in antelope biodiversity and on this basis identify the most effective points of action. In doing so, the book covers central issues in the current conservation debate, especially related to the management of overexploitation, habitat fragmentation, disease transmission, climate change, populations genetics, and reintroductions. The contributions are authored by world-leading experts in the field, and the book is a useful resource to conservation scientists and practitioners, researchers, and students in related disciplines as well as interested lay people; 379 p.

Series: Conservation Science and Practice, N° 16


Authors expertises affiliations

  • Jakob Bro-Jorgensen, Editor. Department of Evolution, Ecology and Behaviour, University of Liverpool (UK).
  • David P. Mallon, Editor. Division of Biology and Conservation Ecology, Manchester, Metropolitan University (UK).

  • Publication dates: 2016-08 (print); 2016-06 (electronic format).

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