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Interpretation of the Electrocardiogram in Small Animals delivers a simplified and accessible approach to electrocardiography interpretation for veterinarians treating dogs and cats. This practical manual covers a comprehensive list of arrhythmias and associated phenomena using an easy-to-follow format, with hundreds of electrocardiograms and ladder diagrams supporting the text. This book is a convenient, one-stop reference for the interpretation of electrocardiography in small animals for veterinary students, residents, and specialists as well as for small animal general practitioners. 390 p.

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Authors expertises affiliations

  • Nick A. Schroeder. DVM, DACVIM Diplomate, ACVIM (Cardiology). LeadER Animal Speciality Hospital, Cooper City, FL (USA).

  • Publication dates: 2021-07 (print); 2021-06 (electronic format).

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