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  • Archaeozoology of the Near East 9: In Honour of Hans-Peter Uerpmann and François Poplin

Archaeozoology of the Near East 9: In Honour of Hans-Peter Uerpmann and François Poplin

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Tags: Animal remains, Middle East, Animal history.

This two part volume Archaeozoology of the Near East 9: In Honour of Hans-Peter Uerpmann and François Poplin brings together over 60 specialists to present 31 papers on the latest research into archaeozoology of the Near East. The papers are wide-ranging in terms of period and geographical coverage: from Palaeolithic rock shelter assemblages in Syria to Byzantine remains in Palestine and from the Caucasus to Cyprus. Papers are grouped into thematic sections examining patterns of Palaeolithic and Neolithic subsistence in northern Mesopotamia, Anatolia and the Iranian plateau; Palaeolithic to Neolithic faunal remains from Armenia; animal exploitation in Bronze Age urban sites; new evidence concerning pastoralism, nomadism and mobility; aspects of domestication and animal exploitation in the Arabian peninsula; several case studies on ritual animal deposits; and specific analyses of patterns of animal exploitation at urban sites in Turkey, Palestine and Jordan. 501 p.


Authors expertises affiliations

  • Marjan Mashkour, Editor. Faculty member of CNRS based in Paris (France). First Iranian to specialize in Zooarchaeology and engaged in many field and laboratory projects in Iran and Near East. Research interests: Late Paleolithic fauna of the Zagros Mountains, and the domestication of the wild goat in Iran.
  • Mark Beech, Editor. Cultural Landscapes Manager in the Historic Environment Department of the Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage in the United Arab Emirates. Responsible for undertaking archaeological fieldwork and research within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, including the development of the official Abu Dhabi database of archaeological palaeontological and cultural heritage sites, as well as the use of GIS as a cultural heritage management tool. He is an Honorary Visiting Fellow in Zooarchaeology and Environmental Zooarchaeology in the Department of Archaeology, University of York, Heslington, York (UK).

  • Publication date (electronic format): 2017-02 - Oxbow Book Edition.

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