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Ecology of Invertebrate Diseases is a necessary and long overdue addition to the world literature on this vitally important subject. This volume belongs on the reference shelves of all those involved in the environmental sciences, genetics, microbiology, marine biology, immunology, epidemiology, fisheries and wildlife science, and related disciplines. 671 p.

Contents include:

  • General Concepts in the Ecology of Invertebrate Diseases
  • Methods for Studying the Ecology of Invertebrate Diseases and Pathogens
  • The Basics of Invertebrate Pathogen Ecology
  • The Host Population
  • Ecology of Pathogen Groups
  • Applied Ecology of Invertebrate Pathogens
  • Leveraging the Ecology of Invertebrate Pathogens in Microbial Control
  • Ecology ofEmerging Infectious Diseases of Invertebrates.


Authors expertises affiliations

  • Ann E. Hajek, Editor. PhD, Professor in the Department of Entomology, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY (USA).
  • David I. Shapiro-Ilan, Editor. PhD, Research Entomologist at USDA-ARS, Byron, GA (USA).

  • Publication dates: 2018-01 (print); 2017-10 (electronic format).

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