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  • Handbook of Mouse Mutations with Skin and Hair Abnormalities: Animal Models and Biomedical Tools

Handbook of Mouse Mutations with Skin and Hair Abnormalities: Animal Models and Biomedical Tools

  • 47.00€

Tags: Animal models of skin and hair diseases, Mice as laboratory animals, Mice genetics and diseases, Transgenic mice, Mutation

Handbook of Mouse Mutations with Skin and Hair Abnormalities presents 48 mouse mutations that are all available to the biomedical community. Many of the mouse mutations with dermatological diseases are reviewed and illustrated in detail. This popular reference book gives you a single source to use when determining which mouse mutation will best serve your needs as a biomedical tool for sophisticated research projects. The book also includes an overview of domestic animal genodermatoses to provide alternatives to mouse models that do not exist or to complement those that do. A detailed section written by renowned experts compares the biology of human and mouse skin and skin diseases in the areas of development and the use of animal models, mammalian genetics, keratin biochemistry, epidermal and hair follicle cycles and kinetics, cytokines and growth factors, keratinocyte culture systems, cutaneous carcinogenesis, cutaneous immune system, and skin changes associated with mutations of the endocrine system. 559 p.


Authors expertises affiliations

  • John P. Sundberg, Editor. DVM, PhD. The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME (USA).

  • Publication date (print & electronic format): 2020-08; © 1994-05.

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