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  • The Discovery of a Visual System: The Honeybee

The Discovery of a Visual System: The Honeybee

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Tags: Entomology, Honey bee vision, Anatomy and function, Colour vision and modulations, Visual behavior, Behavioral ecology.

The Discovery of a Visual System: The Honeybee is the only account of what honeybees actually see. Bees detect some visual features such as edges and colours, but there is no sign that they reconstruct patterns or put together features to form objects. Bees detect motion but have no perception of what it is that moves, and certainly they do not recognize "things" by their shapes. Yet they clearly see well enough to fly and find food with a minute brain. Bee vision is therefore relevant to the construction of simple artificial visual systems, for example for mobile robots. The surprising conclusion is that bee vision is adapted to the recognition of places, not things. In this volume, Adrian Horridge also sets out the curious and contentious history of how bee vision came to be understood, with an account of a century of neglect of old experimental results, errors of interpretation, sharp disagreements, and failures of the scientific method. 293 p.


Authors expertises affiliations

  • Adrian Horridge. Emeritus Professor in Biomedical Science and Biochemistry. RSB Division, Australian National University, Canberra (Australia).
  • Publication dates (print & electronic format): 2019-05.

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