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  • Fraser's The Behaviour and Welfare of the Horse, 3rd Edition [Updated classic text]

Fraser's The Behaviour and Welfare of the Horse, 3rd Edition [Updated classic text]

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Tags: Horse, Behavioural assessment, Health-related behavior, Welfare, Breeding behavior and management, Social horse, Extreme conditions.

Fraser's The Behaviour and Welfare of the Horse, 3rd Edition continues to provide a comprehensive overview of equine behaviour and an outline of current advances in our understanding, as well as offering insights into contemporary and future challenges for improving horse welfare and safety. Completely updated and revised, a new, international, expert editorial team builds on Andrew Fraser's decades of work as an ethologist, veterinarian, historian, horseman, breeder, trainer, conservationist, and field scientist, sharing essential knowledge to improve horse behaviour and welfare. The text covers key issues concerning equipment and the horse's mouth. It gives new insights into genetics, temperament and horse vocalisations and what these indicate. Welfare assessment models are outlined and the challenges presented in different equestrian sports debated. Difficult topics such as euthanasia are also covered.This classic text remains an essential resource for veterinarians, animal scientists, equine professionals and horse owners. 244 p.


Authors expertises affiliations

  • Christopher B. Riley. BVSc (Hons), PhD, Diplomate ACVS. Professor of Equine Clinical Studies and Registered Specialist in Equine Surgery. School of Veterinary Sciences, Massey University (New Zealand).
  • Sharon E. Crevier. PhD (Walden), FIASH (Hon, Edinburg), University of Prince Edward Island (Canada); and North American Editor Emerita, Equine Behaviour.
  • Andrew F. Fraser. MRCVS, MVSc (deceased). Formerly Professor of Surgery (Veterinary), Memorial University of Newfoundland (Canada); and formerly Editor-in-Chief of Applied Animal Behaviour Science.

  • Publication date (print & electronic format): 2022-05.

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