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The updated Second Edition of Feline Emergency and Critical Care Medicine delivers a practical guide for veterinary practitioners dealing with injured or ill cats. The book focuses on clinically oriented information tailored to a fast-paced emergency setting. Perfect as a quick reference—with a concise outline format designed to facilitate immediate access to critical information—this edition of the popular book emphasizes the skillful and informed management of feline veterinary emergencies. 641 p.



Small Animal Internal Medicine


Authors expertises affiliations

  • Kenneth J. Drobatz, Editor. DVM, MSCE,DACVIM, DACVECC. Professor and Chief, Section of Critical Care Director, Emergency Service. Department of Clinical Sciences & Advanced Medicine, Matthew J Ryan Veterinary Hospital, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA (USA).
  • Erica Reineke Editor. VMD, DACVECC. Associate Professor , Section of Critical Care, Department of Clinical Sciences & Advanced Medicine, Matthew J Ryan Veterinary Hospital, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA (USA).
  • Merilee F. Costello, Editor. DVM, DACVECC. Independant consultant, Longmeadow, MA (USA).

  • Publication dates: 2022-10 (print); 2022-06 (electronic format).

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