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  • Bird Senses: How and What Birds See, Hear, Smell, Taste, and Feel

Bird Senses: How and What Birds See, Hear, Smell, Taste, and Feel

  • 40.00€

Tags: Birds, Sense organs, Species differences in environmental approach, Behavioral ecology.

Graham Martin takes the reader deep into the world of birds from a new perspective, with a ‘through birds’ eyes’ approach to ornithology that goes beyond the traditional habitat or ecological point of view. There is a lot more to a bird’s world than what it receives through its eyes. Bird Senses: How and What Birds See, Hear, Smell, Taste, and Feel shows how all of the senses complement one another to provide each species with a unique suite of information that guides their daily activities. The senses of each bird have been fine-tuned by natural selection to meet the challenges of its environment and optimise its behaviour: from spotting a carcase on a hillside, to pecking at minute insects, from catching fish in murky waters, to navigating around the globe. 281 p.



Animal Ecology


Authors expertises affiliations

  • Graham R. Martin. Emeritus Professor of Avian Sensory Science, University of Birmingham (UK), where he established the Centre for Ornithology and set up the first Masters Programme in Ornithology in the UK.

  • Publication date (electronic format): 2020-11.

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