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Biotech Animals in Research: Ethical and Regulatory Aspects explores central aspects of genetic modification of animals for scientific purposes in the context of technological possibilities, regulatory issues in different regions, animal welfare implications and wider ethical issues exemplified through current theories and frameworks. In this book, expert authors from diverse backgrounds in laboratory animal care, animal research, technology and animal rights explore a range of topics, from the science behind biotech research animals and the regulation of their use, to utilitarian, animal rights, virtue ethics and ethics of care, and critical animal studiers'  perspectives on the use of these technologies. 228 p.


Authors expertises affiliations

  • Michey Gjerris. MTh, PhD in Bioethics. Associate Professor n Animal Ethics, Environmental Ethics, Bioethics, Medical Ethics, and Climate Ethics at the Department of Food and Resource Economics, University of Copenhagen (Denmark). His courses are intended to veterinarians, animal researchers, and animal caretakers, both at universities and private companies. He is a former member of the Danish Council on Ethics.
  • Anna Kornum. MSc Biology and Phisosophy. Has worked as a consultant to several animal protection NGOs and previously as academic associate. She has been collaborating with institutions and private sector laboratories to promote the 3Rs and their implementation into research practice.
  • Helena Röcklinsberg. MTh, PhD in Ethics. Associate Professor in Animal Ethics at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala (Sweden), as well as performing research on ethical issues in relation to animals and food, from bachelor to PhD students. Et al...

  • Publication date (electronic format): 2023-12.

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