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  • The Aquarium Fish Medicine Handbook

The Aquarium Fish Medicine Handbook

  • 40.00€

Tags: Fish health maintenance in aquarium setting, Clinical conditions, Disease prevention.

Practicing veterinarians, veterinary technicians, professional aquarists, fish researchers, and tropical fish hobbyists will find this thorough yet concise handbook, The Aquarium Fish Medicine Handbook, a complete how-to guide for keeping fish under human care healthy and thriving. The book is arranged in a logical order so that readers can quickly and efficiently find the information they seek. 298 p.


Authors expertises affiliations

  • Roy P.E. Yanong. Professor and Extension Veterinarian, he provides outreach, research, and educational programs in fish disease diagnostics and health management. University of Florida IFAS Tropical Aquaculture Laboratory, Ruskin, FL (USA).
  • Gregory A. Lewbart. Dipl. ACVZM, Dipl. ECVZM. Professor of Aquatic, Wildlife, and Zoological Medicine, North Carolina State College of Veterinary Medicine, Raleigh, NC (USA).

  • Publication date (digital version): 2024-04.

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