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  • Snakes: Morphology, Function, and Ecology

Snakes: Morphology, Function, and Ecology

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Tags: Snake, Evolutionary biology, Ecology and conservation, Predator behavior, Therapeutic venom.

Snakes: Morphology, Function, and Ecology represents what the authors consider to be significant summaries, contributions, and advancements to snake biology. Each section was suggested by the authors as a what they viewed as a meaningful contribution to our understanding of how snakes work. In this way, it represents a modern and important update on snake biology. This book contains topics applicable to evolutionary biologists, physiologists, anatomists, behaviorists, psychologists, and sociologists. Assembled by a global array of professional scientists, it represents an invaluable resource to students and experienced researchers 631 p.

Series: Life Science Research and Development


Authors expertises affiliations

  • David Penning, Editor. B.S., M.S., PhD. Associate Professor of Biology at Missouri Southern State University, Joplin, MO (USA).

  • Publication date (digital version): 2023-08 - Nova Science Publishers.

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