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Banish your fears of statistical analysis using this clearly written and highly successful textbook.  Statistics for Veterinary and Animal Science Third Edition is an introductory text which assumes no previous knowledge of statistics.  It starts with very basic methodology and builds on it to encompass some of the more advanced techniques that are currently used.  This book will enable you to handle numerical data and critically appraise the veterinary and animal science literature. Written in a non-mathematical way, the emphasis is on understanding the underlying concepts and correctly interpreting computer output, and not on working through mathematical formulae. 413 p.

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Authors expertises affiliations

  • Aviva Petrie, Head of Biostatistics Unit, Senior Lecturer in Medical Statistics. UCL Eastman Dental Institute, London (UK). Medical Statistics Unit, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.
  • Paul Watson, Scientist in Reproductive Biology, Emeritus Professor. Royal Veterinary College, London (UK).

    Publication date (print): 2013-04
    ISBN (print): 978-0-470-67075-0
    ISBN (eBook): 978-1-118-56740-1 

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