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  • Advances in Viral Genomes Research

Advances in Viral Genomes Research

  • 28.00€

Tags: Viruses, Pathogen detection, Virus genomics, Biomedical research, Bioinformatics

Viral diseases have an important impact on public health worldwide. New genomic technologies are providing infectious disease scientists with a unique ability to study at the genetic level those viruses that cause disease and the interactions they have with infected hosts. In this book, the authors presenta novel bioinformatic method to analyze more than 10,000 influenza virus strains simultaneously. 134 p.

Series: Virology Research Progress


Authors expertises affiliations

  • John A. Borrelli and Ylenia  D. Giannini, ed.

    Publisher: Nova Biomedical
    Publication date (print): 2013-12
    ISBN (print)
    : 978-1-62808-723-9

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