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Equine Reproductive Procedures, 2nd Edition, is a completely updated guidebook that reviews the latest techniques in equine theriogenology. The book covers topics related to the reproductive management of horses, including diagnostic techniques and therapeutic procedures for stallions, mares, and foals. Procedures highlighted in the book are supported with clear descriptions and photographs. Readers will also find a list of required supplies for the procedures. 785 p.


Authors expertises affiliations

  • John Dascanio, Editor. VMD, Dipl.ACT, and ABVP (Equine), Senior Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, Professor of Theriogenology. School of Veterinary Medicine, Texas Tech University, Amarillo, TX (USA).
  • Patrick McCue, Editor. DVM, PhD, Dipl.ACT, Iron Rose Ranch Professor of Equine Reproduction, Colorado State University, Equine Reproduction Laboratory, Fort Collins, CO (USA).
  • Publication date (digital version): 2021-02.

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