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  • Avian Disease Manual, 7th Edition

Avian Disease Manual, 7th Edition

  • 29.00€

Tags: Poultry, Diseases and agents, Epidemiology, Clinical signs, Diagnosis and treatment

The Avian Disease Manual has become the best selling publication of the AAAP. Its success is likely due to its ability to deliver concise yet complete information on commonly encountered diseases affecting poultry. It has become an educational staple to North American veterinary and poultry science students, to those interested in avian diseases, and a most useful reference in developing countries.The manual is divided in various chapters grouping diseases by agent (viral, bacterial, fungal, etc…). Within each chapter, diseases are listed alphabetically and the addition of an index  further helps the reader to quickly locate the required information. The Appendix contains tables, each of which lists the most common diseases of a single body system. 304 p.


Authors expertises affiliations

  • AAAP [American Association of Avian Pathologists] 
  • M. Boulianne, Editor 

  • Publisher: AAAP
  • Publication date (print): 2013-03

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