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  • Wildlife Forensics: Methods and Applications

Wildlife Forensics: Methods and Applications

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Tags: Veterinary legal medicine, Wildlife crime, Investigation techniques, Legal evidence.

Wildlife Forensics: Methods and Applications provides an accessible and practical approach to the key areas involved in this developing subject. The book contains case studies throughout the text that take the reader from the field, to the lab analysis to the court room, giving a complete insight into the path of forensic evidence and demonstrating how current techniques can be applied to wildlife forensics.The book contains approaches that wildlife forensic investigators and laboratory technicians can employ in investigations and provides the direction and practical advice required by legal and police professionals seeking to gain the evidence needed to prosecute wildlife crimes. 388 p.


Authors expertises affiliations 

  • Jane E. Huffman, ed. East Stroudsburg University (USA).
  • John R. Wallace, ed. Millersville University (USA).

  • Publication date (electronic format): 2012-12.

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