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  • Ten Steps to Building a Successful Veterinary Practice

Ten Steps to Building a Successful Veterinary Practice

  • 35.00€

Tags: Veterinary practice team, Recruiting engaged employees, Human resources, Marketing strategy, Client communication, Increasing revenues

This book is a down to earth, practical guide which provides ten simple steps for success for anyone responsible for recruiting a winning veterinary practice team: whether they are recruiting employees and building their team, or changing culture and creating a supportive environment where employees are engaged and motivated. Intensely practical, it delivers key facts for veterinary staff starting out in business:

  • Details how you can attract, recruit and retain the right people for a winning team
  • Guides you on creating a well organised, supportive practice in which employees can flourish
  • Provides you with a basic introduction to building a strategy and improving your marketing campaigns
  • Covers the basics of sound financial planning and how to win clients and increase your revenues
  • Looks at how to manage common pitfalls.


Authors expertises affiliations

  • Wendy Sneddon. RVN, MSc, Consultant FlnstLM, Veterinary Practice Manager, Veterinary nurse technician, Lecturer, Experienced in Human Resources, Recruitment, Financial management and Training (UK).

  • Publication dates: 2021-05 (print); 2021-04 (electronic format).

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