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Adoption chien, chat et rongeur



On December 30, 2017 Vet-library.com
participated for the 1st time in:

letchicollective pool to save Ystan  
from disease and fund his healing

YSTAN2Unfortunately, despite care during hospitalization and
love of owners,
did not survive lymphosarcoma.

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Justice pour cookie2

On 09 February 2018,
Vet-library.com participated in urgent crowfunding to save pussy Cookie from cruelty and fund emergency surgery.
On 01/10/ 2018, Vet-library.com helped to fund recovery
of orphaned injured elephant whose mother was shot at
Molly is currently hosted at Zimbabve Elephant Nursery.


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March 2018 -  Our New Partner
We are Proud to be Partner with VetMedAcademy
International Foundation dedicated to
Worldwide Students 


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 Permament Charitable Commitment from 2019

On each ebook purchased on vet-library.com
1€ is collected to help:
IFAW [International Fund for Animal Welfare]
French animal shelter "SPA" [Animal Protection Society]