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Adoption chien, chat et rongeur

bearcreek sanctuary


On December 30, 2017 Vet-library.com participated for the 1st time in:

letchicollective pool to saveYstan  from disease and fund his healing


YSTAN2Unfortunately, despite care during hospitalization and
love of owners,
Ystan did not survive lymphosarcoma




Justice pour cookie2On 09 February 2018, Vet-library.com participated in: letchi to save pussy Cookie from abuse and fund emergency surgery.



Molly needs so muchOn 10 March, 2018, Vet-library.com helped to fund difficult recovery of orphaned
elephant injured and whose mother was shot at Zimbabve. Molly is currently
hosted at Zimbabve Elephant Nursery.


Our New Partner February 2018



Permament Charitable Commitment from 2019

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Your purchase will add € 2 to our monthly crowdfunding to help:

IFAW [International Fund for Animal Welfare]
French animal shelter "SPA" [Animal Protection Society]