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The new edition of this introductory-level textbook continues to offer a concise and approachable bridge between student lecture notes and more detailed clinical reference works. All aspects of equine medicine, surgery and reproduction are covered in a single, convenient volume. The second edition has been subject to an extensive revision, with each chapter updated and new chapters added to cover wound management, critical care, anaesthesia and sedation, and diagnostic imaging. 603 p.

  • Completely revised since the first edition with new chapters added
  • Now with over 100 new illustrations including colour photographs
  • Includes diagnostic and therapeutic information as well as descriptions of commonly employed clinical techniques
  • Includes lists of important differential diagnoses for common clinical signs




Authors expertises affiliations

  • Tim S. Mair, Editor. Partner & Equine Practitioner. Bell Equine Veterinary Clinic, Mereworth, Maidstone, Kent (UK).
  • Sandy Love, Editor. Chair of Equine Clinical Studies. University of Glasgow Veterinary School, Glasgow (UK).
  • James Schumacher, Editor. Professor. Department of Large Animal Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN (USA). Et al...

  • Publisher--
  • Publication date (print) : 2013-03
  • ISBN (print) : 978-0-7020-2801-4
  • ISBN (ebook) : 978-0-7020-5202-6

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