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Veterinary Toxicology, Basic and Clinical Principles, Third Edition, is a unique, single reference that teaches the basic principles of veterinary toxicology to any student at the DVM, MS or PhD level. While comparable texts are primarily directed on the field of human toxicology, this text thoroughly prepares toxicologists and students on the newest approaches for diagnosing chemical and plant poisoning cases in animals. Many chapters on topics not covered in any previous books are provided, such as target organ toxicity, radiation and radioactive materials, FDA regulatory issues, and ethics in veterinary toxicology. 1238 p.



Authors expertises affiliations

  • Ramesh C. Gupta, Editor.  DVM, MVSc, PhD, DABT, FACT, FATS, FACN, Professor and Head. Murray State University, Hopkinsville, KY (USA). Toxicology Department, Breathitt Veterinary Center.
  • Publisher: Academic Press (imprint of Elsevier)
  • Publication date (print): 2018-03
  • ISBN (print): 978-0-12-811410-0

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