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  • Vertebrate Embryogenesis: Embryological, Cellular, and Genetic Methods, 2nd Edition

Vertebrate Embryogenesis: Embryological, Cellular, and Genetic Methods, 2nd Edition

  • 48.00€

Tags: Vertebrate species, Mouse embryo, Zebrafish, Medaka, Developmental biology, Embryological methods, Cellular and genetic approaches.

Vertebrate Embryogenesis: Embryological, Cellular and Genetic Methods attempts to address the increasingly important need of straddling species boundaries in the context of a single research program by compiling research protocols used in a wide range of vertebrate species. Authoritative and accessible, this book serves as an ideal guide to the molecular, cell, and developmental biology community and will hopefully contribute to the ongoing collective effort towards a better understanding of the logic of vertebrate development.433 p.

Series: Methods in Molecular Biology, n° 1920



Authors expertises affiliations

  • Francisco J. Pelegri, Editor. Laboratory of Genetics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI (USA).

  • Publication date (electronic format): 2019-02 - Humana Press.

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