Very Large Institutions 1 Year

  • 700.00€

  • If there are 601 to unlimited employees in your institution [University, Faculty, Lab., Department or other entity], this is the appropriate institutional subscription.

  • With this subscription, you will also benefit from resources: the complementarity it offers is added to our collections and includes e-learning/teaching modules, evaluation tools, videos of learning methodology & vet practice + forums. is designed by worldwide renowned instructors in their respective disciplines. We are partners of as such you will benefit from our automatic sponsorship.

  • Your manager subscription will be immediately operational on your account
  • All the documents of the site will appear FREE when you log in
  • It is highly recommended the manager share the free downloads on a common area (outside account - which is simply a storage account) where the rightholders will have free access.

Tags: Very Large Institutions, Membership

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Large Institutions 1 Year

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